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Too often boxing and the training associated with it is presented as threatening, making it unappealing to many women. But a burgeoning number of ‘women that punch’ are putting on the gloves for a the best workout ever!

Boxers need to be agile and light on their feet therefore are constantly moving and prepared to react to their rival.

This constant movement keeps your heart rate high which is great for fat burning. Mixt it with the powerful and fast moves of the upper body and the heart rate increases, devouring even more calories.

After 1 hour cession you will have burnt up to 600 calories!

But the advantages of boxing don’t obviously stop here… It allows you to build more confidence (you finally can express what the societal norms prohibit).

If you are looking for a flat stomach, boxing will be your ally! In fact, boxing allows a huge variety of movements of the torso. Boxing will also tone your arms as usually beginners feel most fatigue in their arms before feeling pain elsewhere…

So why not trying one of our classes?