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Mental strength and toughness are the foundation of any athlete’s journey to success. However, a boxer’s mental strengths isn’t easy to quantify…

An athlete should start the training with “goal setting”. Each goal being measurable and achievable within a time frame. You need to be  focused in your goal setting process. If you decide that your goal is increasing your speed for example, a specific plan about how to achieve it must be established. It encourages you to move forward.

Next you must visualize your goal (15 minutes a day is enough). In your brain you get used to seeing yourself in the best possible condition. It is primordial that during the visualization process you feel the moment with your emotions and five senses. If you bridge to your mind your body will do what your mind wants. Your brain is like any muscle in your body, when you train it you obtain more from it.

The three mental skills for every athlete are self-confidence, visialisation and focus.